We seek to share the Good News with all the world by serving as Jesus’ hands and feet. We seek to live lovingly and justly as servants of Christ by healing the sick, feeding the hungry, caring for the stranger, freeing the oppressed, and being a compassionate presence.

Here are just a few of the ways that our church is in mission in our community and beyond:


Early Response Team

Early Response Team members are trained to respond to disasters. Our team has traveled to Coal City, Ottawa, West Virginia, Texas, and other places near and far to help clean up after floods, tornadoes, and hurricanes. In the process, they’re able to offer prayer to those affected by these disasters and illustrate Jesus’ compassion for those who suffer. 

If you are interested in ERT training, contact the church office. There are often ways for people who have not taken the ERT training to get involved in FUMC’s disaster relief efforts in other ways. 

Appalachia Service Project

The Appalachia Service Project brings together high school and college age youth from all over the country to serve our neighbors in Appalachia. FUMC sends high school and college age youth and adult leaders to ASP for one week each summer. Over the course of that week, we show Christ’s love by helping make houses warmer, safer, and drier for the families who live there, and learn more about Christ from those whom we serve. Contact the church office for more information.