We are excited to have our Wesley Center for our church and community to use for events, meetings, parties, showers, etc. 

The Wesley Center has an event area with a kitchen, small stage and audio and visual equipment.  There is also a small sitting area on the right of the entrance with couches and chairs for a more intimate gathering.  And there is a large carpeted gym with a basketball hoop that is great for phycial activities and games for kids and adults.

If you would like more information about the Wesley Center, fill out the Info Form below.

To reserve the Wesley Center for your event, fill out the Facility Use Form below.

Please read the Building Use Policy below before reserving the Wesley Center, or other church property.

Info Form

If you would like more information about our Wesley Center or would like to set up a time to see the Wesley Center, please provide your information below.

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Facility Use Form
Click the button to complete the Facility Use Form to reserve the church property for your event. Someone will contact you to verify the date is available.
Facility Use Form
Building Use Policy
Please read through our Building Use Policy below before reserving our Wesley Center.


The buildings and grounds of the First United Methodist Church of Morris (“Church”) exist to worship God and to carry out His missions within the community, our nation, and the world. All persons using our church facilities, whether member or non-member, are expected to maintain the sanctity and treat church property respectfully, as a gift from God.


A copy of this policy will be distributed to all officials of the church, including all church committees and teams. People requesting use of any church facility will be given a copy of this policy at the time the request is made.


Any group or individual that wishes to use the church facilities must complete a Property Use Application form provided by the church office. Permission to use the facilities can only be granted when use is consistent with the Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church. All event requests are subject to prior approval by the Church office staff.

PART A : Permission for Property Use

The Priority for Building Use is in the following order:

  1. Church groups: Regularly scheduled meetings to carry out the mission of the
  2. Church related groups: Church sponsored organizations; interfaith groups, youth policy development groups and groups which carry out the purposes of the Church.
  3. Outside groups: Church recognized yet non-sponsored events that are in keeping with the building use philosophy embraced by the United Methodist Church.

On rare occasions, these groups may be moved to accommodate an event of greater importance, e.g., a wedding, a funeral, etc. When this happens, alternate arrangements with the preempted group will be made.

The facilities of the Church are NOT available for the following that includes, but not limited to: partisan purposes; recruitment of members for clubs outside of the Church; private enterprise; gambling; fund raising purposes for organizations outside the Church and conflict with the UMC Social Principles; and any event that conflicts with the mission, philosophy, doctrines and Social Principles of the United Methodist Church.

A Property Use Application form must be submitted to the Church office. It will include information about the nature of the group and event, the name and contact information of the responsible party, the dates, times, and space requested for the function as well as set up and equipment needs. Only those rooms listed on the Property Use Application form are available for reservation.

All Groups will receive a copy of this Property Use Policy at the time of requesting a Property Use Application form.

  • Refer to Part C: Property Use Fees that apply to other
  • Church groups and Church related groups have use of the building at no charge, subject to available space, as determined by the master calendar in the Church Office.
  • Individual members of the Church may request the use of the building for personal use, subject to this Property Use Policy.
  • Other than weddings, any usage reserved more than two months in advance may be preempted by Church activities, but not less than two months before the event.
  • Other groups may apply to the Church Office for the use of our facilities, subject to
  • All ongoing or recurring use of the facility by outside groups will require approval of the Board of Trustees.


First United Methodist Church of Morris reserves the right to:

  • Accommodate or deny any group.
  • Reschedule or cancel any non-church related event if a scheduling conflict arises with said event and a church-related activity.
  • Schedule other areas of church facilities for use during any scheduled event if minimal disruption occurs to either event.


  • A Property Use Application Form must be completed by a representative of the organization after the function has been approved and added to the Master Calendar. The completed form will include a drawing of the desired set-up of the needed space.
  • All events are to comply with the church Safe Sanctuary Policy. This policy can be obtained from the Church office.
  • Requests for set-ups of tables and chairs, podium, flip chart, must be stated completely on the Property Use Application form.
  • Activities are limited to that portion of the facility reserved (classroom, fellowship hall, etc.) Use of additional space, for example, unauthorized use of church kitchen, may result in refusal to schedule future events. If a room or area assignment has been made, the group may not change the room or area without checking with the Church office during office hours.
  • Church Business Hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 m. – 12:00 p.m. Any group using the facility must arrange for access to the building outside these times.
  • The facilities are to be left in the same condition as found. All trash must be placed in trash bags and placed in the dumpster closest to the church. If it is icy, leave by the back door. Failure to do so will result in an additional maintenance fee.
  • If no individual is available to staff the building during these off-hours, usage may be
  • The Church office staff or pastors will serve as the Church’s representative should questions or needs arise during the event.
  • Church office staff or pastors will be available to provide an overview of the Church facilities (e.g., restrooms, fire exits, etc.). Emergency contacts and phone numbers will be provided.
  • Dining or the serving of food is limited to the Wesley Center or Fellowship Hall.
  • Groups using the facilities may use the kitchen facilities to make coffee. Cooking or food preparation is not allowed unless arrangements are made with the Board of Trustees. Outside groups using the Fellowship Hall or the Wesley Center may serve food that has been brought in by a caterer. All groups must provide their own supplies and equipment such as cups, silver, serving bowls, etc.
  • No food or drinks may be left in the refrigerators or on the Church
  • In the event that any food is served, the group is expected to remove all garbage and deposit in the dumpster provided in the parking
  • Alcoholic beverages or illegal/recreational drugs are NEVER to be possessed or consumed on any church property.
  • Tobacco products are not to be used within fifty feet of church property.
  • Weapons and firearms are NOT allowed on Church Property. Church buildings and grounds are a no concealed carry zone.
  • Profanity by any person will not be tolerated at any church related or non-church related event.
  • Open flames are prohibited without the consent of the church office staff, pastors or the Board of Trustees.
  • Use of fireworks is
  • Decorations may not be affixed (nailed, taped, ) to walls, doors, windows coverings, pews, painted surfaces, etc., without the consent of the church office staff, pastors or the Board of Trustees. Seek advice from the Church office staff or pastors prior to decorating. The Board of Trustees may also be consulted.
  • Animals, other than service animals, are not permitted on church property without consent of the Church office staff, pastors or the Board of Trustees
  • Groups must observe, obey and comply with all applicable City, County, State and Federal laws, rules and regulations.
  • The capacity of each room will not exceed any posted fire code
  • Each group or organization must designate a representative who will consult with the Church office staff or pastors in advance of the event and be responsible for:
    • Custody of a key, if needed, and unlocking and relocking all doors and
    • Accounting for financial damages to the facility or property and will be billed by the Financial Secretary for an amount equal to the replacement cost for the
    • Basic clean-up, such as putting trash in dumpster and otherwise leaving the Church facility in the same condition as at the beginning of the event.
    • Present for the entire time of the
    • Any stolen personal property or personal injuries sustained as a result of activities conducted during the rental hours, in preparation of the event or during the clean-up of the church after the event.
    • Unauthorized portions of the church not utilized during the
  • There is a separate usage policy for weddings. Please contact the church office.

Violation of any Guideline or regulations could lead to the loss of eligibility to use the Church.

The Board of Trustees, in consultation with the Senior Pastor, may waive any portion of the Property Use Policy at their discretion.


Insurance. At the discretion of the First United Methodist Church of Morris, organizations and individuals using the facility will be required to provide a Certificate of Insurance naming the First United Methodist Church of Morris as additional insured with a Waiver of Subrogation and a 30-day notice of cancellation. This information MUST be on file prior to the date of the event by all Outside groups to First United Methodist Church for the purpose of covering liability and property damage or accidents that might occur on Church property. The evidence must show a minimum of $1 million limit of liability coverage and $5,000 limit of medical payments coverage.

Hold Harmless. The organization or individual using the facility (the “Using Party”) agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the First United Methodist Church of Morris, IL (including all its Trustees, members, clergy, officers, employees and agents) from and against any and all third-party claims, liabilities, damages, and during, or as a result of, the Using Party’s use of the facilities. The Using Party agrees to notify the First United Methodist Church of Morris immediately after becoming aware of any such Claim, stating the facts constituting the basis for the claim.


The Property Use Policy is the guideline establishing all Property Use Fees. All Fees are paid through the Church Office no less than two weeks before the date of usage. There is a cancellation fee of 20% that is not refundable. Members are allowed use of the building at no charge.

If the cancellation is due to an unexpected event at the Church (e.g. funeral) and no alternative room is available, a full refund will be provided.


If the scheduled event exceeds the reserved time, the responsible party will be billed by the Financial Secretary for the additional time as defined below.

FACILITY USE FEES         Member                     Non-member

Sanctuary                               Donation                    $200 for up to 4 hours. $25 per hour for additional hours.

Fellowship Hall                   Donation                     75 people and under - $100, over 75 people - $150

Classroom                             Donation                     $50

Kitchen (cooking)             Donation                     $150

Sanctuary Soundboard      $25                             $50

Wesley Center                   Donation                     $200 for up to 4 hours. $25 per hour for additional hours.

For non-profits, fees are at the discretion of church Trustees.

There will be a $50 refundable cleaning deposit applied to all non-member agreements of $200 or more.

Groups are responsible for damage done to any Church equipment or furnishings. There will be a fee of $50 per damage incident, in addition to the cost of repair or replacement by the Church.

The Board of Trustees, in consultation with the Senior Pastor, may waive or modify the above listed fees at their discretion.


A Property Use Application form must be completed by groups and submitted to the Church office at least two weeks in advance of the activity. All facilities, set-ups and other service needs must be included on the form.