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Questions & Answers

Here are some answers to common questions.

The Christian commitment to marriage is not taken to an individual congregation but instead to God. If you seek to enter into the Christian marriage covenant then it does not require that you are a member of FUMC.

That is at the discretion of the senior pastor. She or he will contact the clergy member and discuss the service.

You can fill out our online form or download, print, and return a form at the bottom of the page.

Congratulations on your Engagement!
We share your excitement and happiness as you make your wedding plans and begin the beautiful adventure of marriage!

We want your wedding to express the deepest meaning of Christian love.  To help you plan your wedding we ask you both to read the following information.  Rev. Dr. Keck Mowry and Rev. Ayla Samson are available to assist you in many ways.  Both pastors have calendars that fill with a variety of commitments, so plan early and call either of the pastors for this exciting moment in your life!   

At FUMC of Morris, we can bring your wedding and special event ideas to fruition. Our beautiful indoor sanctuary can host the ceremony of your dreams. We also offer opportunities to host your rehearsal dinners and Reception at our onsite Wesley Center or Fellowship Hall. Everything you can dream of to ensure a memorable experience for you and your guests.


Wedding Planning Basics at FUMC Morris

Please do not make ANY vendor or subsequent commitments until your date and time are confirmed by the pastor.

 1. Consult with Pastors Keck or Ayla early in the planning process.  It’s advisable to contact them 3 or more months in advance to talk about your wedding plans.  Call to make an appointment, 815-942-0809.  Your wedding date is not scheduled until you talk with the minister.  Prior to marriage, a couple will attend at least three counseling sessions with the pastor.  

2. You must obtain an Illinois marriage license from the county clerk located in the Grundy County Courthouse in Morris.  Regardless of where you live, you must have a Grundy County Marriage License if the wedding will take place in Grundy County.  No other county license is valid.  You’ll need a valid driver’s license, plus $30 in cash.  You must wait one day after the license is issued.  The wedding must take place within 60 days of when the license is issued.  Neither a blood test nor a physician’s statement are required.  Please bring the marriage license to the rehearsal fully complete.  

3. Fees as follows :          Member            Non-Member

Sanctuary                            Donation          $150

Fellowship Hall                $50                       $55

Sr. Pastor*                           $375                    $375

Assoc. Pastor*                  $375                    $375

Outdoor Wedding         $250                     $250

Custodian*                         $50                        $75

Organist *                          $125                     $150

Kitchen (no cooking)  $50 refundable deposit (serving only)

Kitchen (cooking)         $50                        $100 Plus $50 refundable deposit

Soundboard                   $25                          $25

Bulletins (Typing & Copying) $25  

*Payment for these services are to be made out to ‘’Keck Mowry’ (Sr. Pastor), ‘Ayla Samson’ (Assoc. Pastor), ‘’Kevin Kunkel; (Custodian) and ‘Cheryle Larson’ (Organist).  All other services are made payable to “First United Methodist Church”.   Pastoral fee includes premarital counseling, rehearsal and service.  Payments for all services being offered are to be brought to the rehearsal.  

4. If you want a reception at the church, please call the church office, 815-942-0809.  Caterers will need to meet certain responsibilities to the church and should make such arrangements well in advance through the church office.   

 5. The rehearsal is important.  All in the wedding party should attend the rehearsal, including parents and ushers.  The rehearsal should begin on time and will last about an hour.  Saturday weddings must be completed by 4:00 pm including picture taking and any other use of the building to allow time to prepare the building for evening worship service.  

6. Photographers may take flash pictures before the ceremony begins, during the processional and after the recessional.  If the pastor is to be included in any posed pictures after the ceremony, it’s customary to take those photos first.  Members of the congregation shouldn’t take flash pictures once the bride and groom have entered the chancel.  If family members want to take pictures after the service, please ask the photographer.  

7. Video taping is permitted.  Care should be taken not to interrupt the service or distract the wedding party.  Check with the pastor where the cameras may be placed.  Floodlights are not permitted.  

8. Wedding music—normally the church organist will play for the wedding and should be consulted regarding appropriate wedding music at least 2 months before the wedding.  Others may certainly share in the music of the service, but anyone inquiring about using the organ other than our organist must first receive permission and orientation from our organist.  The charge for orientation is $30.  Our church organist is Mrs. Cheryle Larson, 815-942-0995.  

9. Alcoholic drinks are not permitted on the property.  Smoking is not permitted on the building premises, including the parking lot.  

10. Flowers can be removed after the wedding or left for worship services.  Please do not tape wedding bows to the pews.  Instead, use large rubber bands stretched around the top of the pew ends.  

11. Candles—please provide protection from dripping candle wax for the carpeting and altar cloths when using candles.  Candles are permitted only in the chancel area and are provided by you.  

12. Rice, birdseed, confetti or potpourri are not to be brought into the church or used on church property.  Flower petals may be used instead.  

13. Bulletins need to be provided by the couple.  Bulletins can be printed in the church office.  Bring in the legible copy, approved by the pastor, to the church office two weeks prior to the wedding.  Here are a few websites you can order bulletins from:,,   

 14. Aisle runner—the church doesn’t provide a white aisle runner for the bride to walk on.  If desired, an aisle runner may be obtained through your florist.  The aisle is 75 feet long.  Seating capacity in the sanctuary is 360.  

15. Unity candle—some couples want to include the lighting of a unity candle as part of the ceremony.  If you decide to do this, you’ll need to provide two smaller candles to light the unity candle.  Unity candles can be purchased through your florist, grocery or candle store.  

16. Ring bearers and flower girls—if you have either a ring bearer or flower girl you’ll want them and their parents at the rehearsal.  If  they’re too young to stand still during the wedding, they may leave the wedding party at the time it moves up into the chancel.  They may then sit with family until the recessional, then they may walk back down the aisle.  

17. Occasionally a request is made to have someone other than the pastors of our church officiate at a wedding.  These requests will be considered by Keck or Ayla and will require conversations with the officiating pastor.  Fees will apply as set forth in this document for building use.  The officiating pastor will be compensated at their discretion.  A pastor from this church must be present at the rehearsal to review procedures with the officiating pastor.  There will be a $50 fee made payable to the pastor accommodating this need.   

Wedding Registration Form

When you are ready, please fill out and submit/return your Wedding Registration Form.
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